Friday, April 28, 2006

Tank Still in Cycling Process

Current cycling Status as of 28 April 2006

Ammonia : 0.1 mg/l
Nitrite : 0.25 mg/l
Nitrate : 5 mg/l
GH : 4 dGH
KH : 2 dKH
PH : 7.2
Temp : 28 C

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tank Overview

Still in cycling process.

Test Kits

Some of the test kits that i'm using to check the water parameter.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Initial Tank Set Up Complete

Finally, it's up & running. Still in cycling process though.

Picture of my wet/dry filter. Bioballs are used as filter media with japanese mat as top and bottom layer of the filter.

PSB Beneficial Bacteria

Additional BB added during cycling process.

Decorative Wall Stone

Water leakage test done. Tank in initial cycling process and wall bricks completed.


Equipment :
Rio 32HF Pump, HiBlow 40 & PH tester.

Tank's Piping

Aquarium Piping Works Completed.

Filter Medias & Water Conditioner

Some of the filter materials used in my setup; aquaclay, japanese mat, bioballs & white cotton wools. After draining off the old water used previouslyfor water leakage test and silicone curing, Nutrafin Aqua Plus is used as water conditioner to condition the new water refilled.

Main Tank Water Leakage Test

Water filled to the top at about 95% of the tank for water leakage testing purpose.

Sump Tank Water Leakage Test

Water filled into the sump tank and to test for any water leakage.

Sump Tank Completed.

Main Tank Completed

Main Tank Completed.
Size : 8.5'(L) x 3'(W) x 2.5'(L)

Sump Tank

Sump Tank - Work in progress

Tank Construction

Tank Construction - Work in progress.

Waiting for New Tank

Everything is in place and waiting for new tank to arrive.

Steel Rack for My Tank

Aquarium tank stand finally arrived.

Tiles for My Fish Room

Tiles for my Fish Room completed.

Electrical Works Completed.

A/C power points & wall fan installed.

Water Pipings

Incoming water pipings & drainage pipe.

Electrical Works

Electrical works in progress for my fish room.

Fish Room Construction

Breaking down the wall.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Future Feature Wall

In The Beginning....